It is likely that in having chosen to visit Espiritu Santo you will already have a good idea on the many attractions that this beautiful island has to offer, if indeed you get any desire to escape the peace and tranquillity of Saffire.

Enjoy a drink and unwind at Santo's finest place to stay Vanuatu

Cool off in one of Santo’s famous ‘Blue holes’ where crystal clear fresh water comes to the surface through layers of limestone and coral producing water of jewel quality blue.

Enjoy a private sandy beach at Santo's best accommodation Vanuatu

Swim, snorkel and enjoy a picnic lunch at Champagne Beach. One of the jewels of the South Pacific with crystal blue water and fine powdered sand.

Enjoy a leisurely lunch at Port Olry, another pristine white sand beach famous for its lobster, or at Freshwater Plantation on Aore Island with a tour of the bat cave.

Visit Tuffintari Waterfalls, a perfect spot for a picnic and a refreshing dip under the pure waters of mountain springs.

Espiritu Santo's Vanuatu Where to Stay
Espiritu Santo Things to Do Vanuatu

For the more adventurous …

Millenium Cave Tour – as long as you are quite fit and not faint hearted this is an unforgettable experience hiking through tropical rainforests and a 500 metre long river cave, canyoning and then floating through a 2km long river gorge.

Mount Hope River Float and Waterfall – a much tamer but very enjoyable version of the Millennium Cave Tour.

Santo Horse Adventures – ride through a tropical rain forest, crossing the flowing freshwater river onto a pristine white sand beach to swim with your horse in the aqua blue waters.

Fishing at Espiritu Santo's best accommodation Vanuatu
Espiritu Santo's private retreat accommodation Vanuatu
Santo's private holiday home in Vanuatu has plenty to see and do

Island Fishing Santo – take a half day charter for some game fishing and snorkelling.

And of course, for divers there is the S S Coolidge. The world’s most accessible wreck dive.

Please visit the Espiritu Santo Tourism Association website via the link below or contact us for more details on these and other activities. We can also assist with arranging bookings with tour operators or car rentals.

Espiritu Santo Tourism Association

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